I can be a pretty big dork sometimes. As the father to two young boys, I sometimes say very "dad" like things and in the same breath will reference the last Game of Thrones episode. I've got a number of passions outside of creating beautiful videos, and photos. I'm a huge music fan and lover of attending live concerts. I've been opening up my mind and body this past year as I've started practicing yoga for part of my fitness regimen. Travel continues to be an ongoing love affair that helps to expand my experiences and soul.

I've found that what I'm truly passionate about is bringing my clients joy through the art I create. This is a deep desire I've held throughout my career. I love being a part of the intense emotions that are experienced during a wedding day. The intimate connections between a couple on one of the most cherished days of their life is a great honor and blessing to be able to tell your love story. My hopes are that my vision meets that of every couple I work with. You'll find I'm extremely flexible and easy to work with and enjoy collaborating with others throughout our industry. 

I desire that each couple reflects some of the same passions for adventure and that I'll be able to bring joy to them through my works.